Wednesday, December 3, 2008

wood, ribs, and beauty

Took Jake, my chocolate lab, out for a run to the woodshed yesterday to load out firewood for the week. He loves to help out by carrying sticks to and fro in the yard while his best friend wheelbarrows a half-dozen loads up to our deck and stacks it up by the back door.
I spent a couple hours sitting in the Safari with a couple o' beers and a spaceheater looking at the trailer's ribs and wondering if they will need attention.

Shots of where the vents stacks exit the trailer and you can see the ribs were cut (I'm assuming at the factory).

The sun goes down earlier every night but last night was a beauty, eh?


utee94 said...

Just checked out your blog, you're coming along very nicely! I can't imaging tackling the whole thing at once, as you are doing. I'm already overwhelmed by just the back half!

Keep it up!


alumanutz said...

Steve, Looks beautiful there but too cold. Hit 70 here yesterday. I haven't touched the trailer for almost a week. I have been fighting a cold. I will restart today while smoking a brisket.