Wednesday, March 11, 2009

silicone is for Hollywood, not Airstreams

Silicone worms...

this is just one of the many handfuls of bleepin' silicone I removed from my Safari.

I used sharpened wooden sticks and my thumbnail (thanks, Frank) to do most of the removal. When it gets warmer out, I will try out the silicone removal gel that I have to get the remaining junk off. It's -25 with the windchill today, but should be above 40 degrees by Friday.

Today is my birthday (48), so I took the next three days off and am watching the Minnesota boys high school hockey tourney. It's as big in this state as football is in Texas and basketball is in Indiana.

I'll take some time Friday morning to listen to the VAP which is always a great listen. If the weatherman is right on with the mid-fortys projection, I can continue with the silicone removal while listening.

more shots of the skin after the initial scraping with sharpened wood sticks...

I also took off the homemade rock guard along with the old TV antennae mount. This leaves many holes to deal with, but progess is progress.