Tuesday, December 16, 2008

big 'ol ceiling skins

I thought my thermometer said 44 degrees, but when I looked closer I saw the decimal point between the 4's.

Just another day in Minnesota, I guess.

I was a bit hesitant about removing the interior ceiling skins by myself since they are about 12 feet long, but I went ahead and did it. Pretty exciting stuff when they come loose.

Objects in the mirror are stranger than they appear. I am my own stalker...

Here's a shot of the ceiling after the panels are out. The insulation is in really great shape. I've only found one mouse skeleton so far (behind the water heater). I will probably see more than enough nasty stuff when I get around to removing the belly pan this Spring.
Next on my list is taking the endcaps out so I can get to the rib that needs patching and so that I can figure out how to make the front endcap into an entertainment center. Right now the fiberglass in drooping in the shelf area.


alumanutz said...

Steve, that is almost cold enough to make that ceiling skin brittle and break into little pieces! When I took mine down, I used clecos, pulling them one at a time and easing it down. Isn't working on these by yourself fun?


utee94 said...

Nice work Steve!

And yes, working on these by yourself leads to interesting "solutions" as well as interesting injuries!

(None major though... YET! :)