Sunday, July 1, 2012

here's a youtube of the shell coming off...


Summer is going by way too fast.  I hate to say it but music is kinda impeding my progress on the Safari.

I am making money doing something I love, though, so don't feel bad for me!

Plywood will be purchased next week so the new subfloor can be cut, work on frame can begin and most of you know what else from there.

Peace to all y'all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back on it!

My '66 is back to being worked on. I must have gone out for a pack of smokes or something but I'm back, baby! I've decided to do a shell-off instead of a shell-on. Many people that I trust have suggested that it is much easier to just do the full monty. The shots above are where I'm at.
1) Gantry built and put thru the "can it hold a fat bass player?" test.
2) Safari backed into gantry ready to have perimeter rivets drilled out.
Peace y'all!