Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Frankly speaking

It's been a long time since I blogged (as I was reminded by Frank) and the reasons are two-fold. One, I haven't done any work on the Safari as I've been saving money to head east to the Birthday Bash and pick up my '64 Tradewind that I won in the raffle. (Still can't believe that.) The money has become tight because of reason number two: the rebuilding of our lake cabin that was totalled in a fire last Fall. I wish I had some before pictures to show you but the after photos will have to suffice. It turned out great but as most building projects go, it went over budget and the Airstream funds went into the cabin kitty.

This is a shot from the loft. The old cabin didn't have this feature. The kids absolutely love this space for playing board games and generally hanging out. The big kids love it too!

Just a shot of the driveway and the back of the cabin.

The deck is still waiting for railing but we had to celebrate my mom and dad's 62nd wedding anniversary and what a great day we had for it. Low 80's, nice breeze and great family get-together. Most of the kids are still up in the loft. Not pictured in the foreground are the big kids playing some very competitive bean bag toss.

That's all for now. I've got two weeks until I load everything I own into my Tahoe and head to New York state to meet up with a big group of new friends. Looking forward to breakfast by Frank, canoeing, fireworks, and God knows what else.