Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chuck Taylor snow shoes

It's still true, everything in an Airstream can fit out the door.

Here my Safari is jettisoning its second of two interior endcaps while keeping her cool by means of a "Snow A.C."

My 10th grade boy Louie (from the penalty box pic) loaned my winter boots to a friend so they could go sliding on the hill a couple nights ago. I don't have my boots back yet, so I get to walk through a foot of snow in my "Chuck Taylor Snow Shoes."
I called my folks down in South Padre to say "hi...Merry Christmas...we love you..."and my dad said it's 80 degrees in way south Texas. Some snowbirds have all the luck!

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utee94 said...

Wow that looks cold. 80 degrees here in Austin yesterday, too, but today down into the 40s and 50s. Still no snow, though... :)