Saturday, June 6, 2009

so much to do, so little time

Since my last post back in March, all of the old window and door gaskets have come out and most of them have been replaced. Not as easy of a job as I thought it would be. It's not that it was hard, but it did take me awhile. The old gaskets came off with a plastic scraper. The old adhesive came off with adhesive remover (imagine that!). The gobs of silicone came off with silicone remover. Whatever was left came off with various abrasive, elbow grease and that ellusive thing called "time." My Airstream quality time has been shortened because of my oldest son, Leo, graduating high school and all that goes along with college planning. He's heading to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to become a golf management professional. I'm hoping he finds a course to manage that has nice weather and a place to park my silver beauty. I have also been coaching soccer three days a week and teaching my other son, Louie, how to drive a stickshift. Being a Dad is great yet very time-consuming. Happy Father's Day in advance to all you Dads!

This is the old
double-flare door gasket....>>

...which I replaced with brand new Airstream gasket.

all of the old dried up window and door gaskets

This is the silicone remover in action.

Yup, that's the adhesive remover.

Next on my list is to finish the gasket on the three small windows (I didn't get enough linear feet to complete the job even after measuring twice and cutting once. Pretty sure my order was shorted.)
After that it's on to stripping the old clearcoat, dropping the bellypan and removing the old subfloor and then posting the classic "me standing in the middle of my trailer with no floor shot."
Enjoy your summer, your families, and your Airstreams!