Saturday, July 10, 2010

Safari has a cute older sister!

The '64 Airstream TradeWind home in Rochester, Mn after having a stone cold gas at Baker's Acres with all of the great Bash attendees. Towed 1100 miles with only having to put front of bellypan back on and replacing the alternator in my Tahoe. Towed through heavy winds that blew a semi off the road and through a guard rail. The Airstream cut right through the wind with ease...
inside the TradeWind, beauty, eh?
Josie, my little helper. She has already claimed the Airstream TradeWind for her own after I'm done on this Earth. It's all yours, baby.
The trailers are getting a new home. A 24'x40' Northland Building.
Barn red with a silver roof and white trim. This is a shot of DeCook Excavating at work building the pad that the barn will sit upon. Construction begins July 19th. Updates to follow.

Another shot with the "new" trailer in the foreground. She's photogenic and she knows it!

pot of aluminum at the end of the rainbow

I received a number of comments at the BASH about the spare tire holder and its ties to religion.
To me, it looks like the spare tire holder that Black Sabbath would have had on their Airstream. Heavy metal and religion all encompassed in one sweet package. Rock on!

Note the original equipment window openers.
Many people aren't aware that sticks were factory options back in '64.
My almost yearly blog looks as if it could return to a semi-regular post so stay tuned as I see adventure around every corner for the rest of the Summer.
Peace and Joy to you and yours,
Dancin' Hansen


Tim (ts8501) said...


Your '64 looks great! I see many of the same only 1964 features that I have on mine. I might even know where to get new window gears for your side windows. I am looking foward to seeing her in person.


Kristine said...

I love the rainbow picture!

Sugarfoot said...

Ditto on that rainbow. Pretty cool.

Steve "Dancin" Hansen said...

the rainbow was much more brilliant but by the time I ran to get the camera, it had faded I keep the camera in the TradeWind where it belongs!

tinman54 said...

You have quite the summer going Steve! Now you can have twice the fun with 2 silver tubes and a new home for them!!