Thursday, July 22, 2010

going up ^

the pad with neighbor Dorothy's shed and house in the background
the footings being poured
away we go!
supervisor Jake
'64 keeping an eye (tail light) on the action
TradeWind's new budget futon on top of new carpet.
(I know Colin hates these, but it beats sitting on the floor)
I found Art Costello's autograph inside the utility closet. Kinda cool!
Rained hard this morning.
Supervisor Chris says they work through the rain....we'll see....


Frank's Trailer Works said...

Sweetness... I need a building like that, but I would need more land first. Keep blogging, love to see your back at it.

tinman54 said...

Looks great Steve, nice to have a tow-able Airstream and soon a barn to store them.

Tim (ts8501) said...

Looking good Steve! The Airstream building will be a real plus. Glad to see you are getting to use the '64. Cheers! Tim