Monday, October 26, 2009

back to the 50's

With the onset of cold weather, restoration of the Safari has ground to a halt. I am in desperate need of a 60 degree day to apply Por-15 to the frame and Mother Nature is quite content to keep it cool around these parts. So in lieu of anything on the trailer rehab front, I thought I would pass along a photo that one of my radio announcer friends posted on his Facebook page. It is a shot of his dad's tow vehicle and trailer from the 50's. He says the trailer was a Mallard (manufactured by the recently defunct Fleetwood trailer company). My buddy Jim Brunnette is the little guy in the photo which includes his brothers and father. You gotta dig the color of the TV/trailer combo! In his Facebook post he said there was no doubt, you could see us coming down the road.
In other news, any plans of getting work done on my '64 Tradewind have been shot to heck by the need to rebuild the family cabin which was lost in a recent fire. The insurance doesn't really cover the price of a new structure, so money that I had earmarked for Airstreams is being dumped into a lakeside gathering place. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If it means using a portapotty and looking like a hillbilly for a couple summers, I don't care. All I know is that I can't miss any future camping seasons so I'll use what I got and hope for sunny days and moonlit nights.
Enjoy the photo, peace to you and yours!


Aluminium Idler said...

Great photo Steve ! Fantastic 50s colour combo.

Sorry to hear about your cabin, hope the rebuild goes well & you're right about the portapotty - who cares if it means you can go camping. LIfe's a work in progress, and all the better for it.


tinman54 said...

Sorry to here about the cabin Steve, that's pretty tough. A lot of memories in those places, I hope you can rebuild it quickly. Using the aluminum tent is not to bad, it is too hard to go without camping.

Sugarfoot said...

Now THAT is a cool photo! Nothing like color coordinated camping. :-)

So sad about the cabin. If you've tent camped before then camping in an unfinished Airstream is still a step up. And camping with friends and family is most important.

Tim (ts8501) said...

Very sorry to hear about the fire Steve. I look forward to seeing a picture of one or both of your Airsteam's being used as a tent. I also see we might get some 60 degree weather this weekend, so maybe get that Por-15 ready? Here's to better days ahead!

Airstream Memories said...

50's are a heatwave here in WI! We'd be on the road. We've done our last renovations at negative weather with a propane heater and a prayer that everything will dry before freezing!

Love the picture! Thanks for visiting my blog!