Monday, September 14, 2009

Osceola, Wisconsin rally open house

Well I made it to my first rally and found out that Airstreamers are indeed a great group of people. I got up to Osceola, Wisconsin this past Saturday with my daughter Josie in tow. We spent the first few hours in town at the fair watching a tractor pull, walking through the art fair, going to the exotic animal petting zoo, and eating corn dogs, cheese curds, and apple pie with ice cream. I asked Josie if she noticed anything different about the people and then I pointed out that no one (not even the kids) was on a cell phone. It was just good folk having a good time. We walked through the parking lot that had all of the old tractors waiting in line for their turn at the pull. Lots of John Deere(s?), and then you had your Farmalls, Olivers, etc. What I didn't see was any Minneapolis Molines. They are a personal favorite of mine ever since I played in a roots band by the same name. I wish I would have thought to bring my camera to the fair, but left it in the truck.Josie took most of the pictures for today's blog. She assured me that she had pictures of every dog at the rally. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I had to give her artistic freedom, I guess. Here is a shot of most of the trailers. If you look in the center of the photo, you can see a frisbee dog in action.
Here's Ed Emerick with his dog. I have to add that the dogs at the rally were just as friendly as their Airstream owners were. Just a great group of people and pets. Ed is the past president of the VAC (Vintage Airstream Club).

This is a '64 Globetrotter that belongs to Bob and Bonny Herman from Florida. The crazy thing is that I saw this trailer in a small county park about 5 miles from my home on August 26th but couldn't track down the owners. Josie was camping with her girl scout troop right across the path from the Hermans. I left them a card with my name and a photo of my trailer on it, but didn't expect to see them again. Small world!
Here's Paul and Marcia Hahn out of Denver, Iowa. I met them as I saw they had a '66, same as me. Being from NE Iowa, they've seen some of the same music groups as I have and been to some of the same music venues such as the Inwood Ballroom where my blues band opened up for Canned Heat. Oh, yeah, their dog's name is "Dude."

This is the Hahn's '66 Globetrotter looking great on a perfect late summer afternoon.

Three pictures of a Liner hooked up behind a Lincoln Zephyr. What a great combo platter! The inside skin was painted with a super cool treatment that made it look like wood or leather depending on how many cocktails you've had. Bed in back, kitchen in front. That's Josie sitting at the dinette looking casual. The only thing that surprised me about it was the lack of headroom. Not a trailer for a tall guy/gal. I didn't find out who owned it, but it did have Minnesota plates.
This Streamline is west of Rochester, Mn and I drive past it whenever I'm heading down I-90. Finally stopped and got a picture of it. Looks like it's in fine shape.
This mystery trailer is my latest obsession. Don't know what it is, I only now that it's little and cute and I want it.

Josie and I had a great time in Osceola. Met some friends from the Airforums up there (Tim and Doug and Jan) and had a beer or two and got to talk Airstreams for a couple hours. Next year I've got to have my Safari ready to tow so we can stay longer and make more friends.

Still waiting for my Por 15 to show up...



Paul said...

Hey, Steve,

Marcia and I liked the photos and your coverage of the Osceola Rally. We hope you and your Safari can join us next year. In the meantime, maybe we can come hear you and your band somewhere—send us a schedule. We'll keep checking your blog.

Paul Hahn

tinman54 said...

Hi Steve and Josie, It was great seeing you two, looks like Josie took some great pictures, Jan and I really like the dogs too. There are some Aluminum trailers sitting around the countryside here to and I just want to collect them all, they look so lonely sitting out in the weeds. Talk to you soon.

Tim (ts8501) said...

It was great to meet you (and Josie) in person. Wish we could have spent more time together. Let me know when you need a hand with the '66 some day, and I'll come down your way for an afternoon. Stay in touch, and I'll keep waching your blog!

Steve "Dancin" Hansen said...

Paul and Marcia,

I just noticed that you were the creators of the 2008 Osceola Rally slideshow. I viewed it before (and again), but now I recognize more of the people. Great job! You can find where and when my blues band is playing by going to We will be in LaCrosse at Oktoberfest Sunday Sept. 27th on the main stage along with Bernard Allison who is amazing!

Doug and Tim,

I'll try and find a day that we can all get together at my place and get some serious work done on my Safari. Then we can eat some serious BBQ and some serious dessert.