Saturday, September 19, 2009

goodbye clearcoat

I had time today to apply a gallon of RemovALL 220 to the trailer. It took just about 3 hours to coat the Safari, putting in on with a big 'ol brush. I could tell it was going to go well because areas that I had gone over earlier and overlapped a bit were already starting to come off in sheets.Here we are with the stripper applied.
You can see where the clearcoat had already come off (shiny spots).

Turn on the powerwasher and watch the fun!
I've got the pressure set very low here but increased it quite a bit as I progressed.
The end result is a pretty nice looking old girl...I'll have to go back and touch up some of the stubborn patches, but I'm done for the day.


tinman54 said...

Looks Great Steve, that was probably more fun than ripping out old sub floor.

Frank's Trailer Works said...

right on.... keep it going.

Sugarfoot said...

I would call that some significant progress. Looking good!

Dori said...

Oh my goodness! I have got to do this right away to ours!!! After buffing a 1953 with not the greatest of results (it's only the on the second round, but seems to need a lot more to get there & I'm tired of it!) I wasn't real excited about doing a 28' 1963 Ambassador!!! Now I am convinced!! You have got to link this to my "Wally Wednesday" McKlinky this week!! See my blog:!