Friday, August 6, 2010


DeCook Excavating returned to put class 5 (road spec gravel) inside the barn and also where we will put concrete in front and on side under covered area. These guys really know how to spread it around. They also did the final grading work around the outside to make it ready for seeding.

inside with class 5 level and up to the batter boards

Bessie and Clara at home and not fearing hail!
There's room for two but eventually the barn will just be home to one
leaving plenty of room for work and play.
Worked on Bessie interior woodwork with a solution of equal parts vinegar, turpentine, and linseed oil. It's a recipe passed down from my wife Julie's father Mark. He was big into antiques and his formula left the wood looking much better. (sorry, no photo)
gratuitous butt shot
It's not a barn until the cupola sings.
We went with a Labrador on top.
Looked thru the book for an Airstream, but they didn't have one...


tinman54 said...

Very nice Steve, now you can really collect stuff!!

Frank's Trailer Works said...

don't publish this....I don't have your email address. Go to my blog and look at the last Anders clip. He did some shit like that when we saw him and that is why I know he can do stuff like or better than Jimi. The sound quality is not the best, but you will understand...