Tuesday, July 7, 2009

beer belly pan

I've moved the Airstream (which still needs a name) from the backyard to my front driveway so I have a nice semi-level place to put it up on jackstands and remove the subfloor and work on the frame. It seems to be happy in its new location next to my cargo trailer.
I started to drill out the belly pan rivets and then it started to rain. I was forced inside to drink beer and look for leaks. I found one leak coming through a window hinge (typical on a '66), but I still have to do the hinge silicone treatment that is suggested for my vintage window.

Now that I have the trailer level, I am messing with different ways to make a template for my subfloor. This is an idea that I came up with using aluminum foil. I am also going to use a "story stick." This is a method of copying curves that someone on the airforums mentioned. I am constantly amazed at how much information can be gleaned from the forums if you spend enough time searching it. One thing I have learned, though, is that if you find something useful you should bookmark it so you can find it again!


Frank's Trailer Works said...

I would encourage you to transfer that template to a more solid material such as masonite or 1/4" luan. It would be a shame to get the curve wrong if that thing moves.

utee94 said...

Frank gave me a great idea on the template-making, I covered it in my blog back in December or January I think.

Keep it up!


Tim (ts8501) said...

I did not realize that looking for leaks had such fringe benefits! I'll now look forward to when I get to that stage of the refurb.