Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside...

Today's high temperature was -5 degrees. Great day to work on the Airstream!

all of the old wiring

yeah, the old door gaskets are shot

Winter butt shot

aft of trailer with insulation cleaned out

post blog note:

I quit my regular blues band gig after 8 years or so (Charlie owes me $1...he said I could never do it...) I now need a new band to help pay for the Airstream restoration. Will play bass for cash!

until next time...stay warm and stay happy!!!


Tim (ts8501) said...

Glad to see you are staying warm and working on the Airstream!
-25F at my house this morning. Hopefully this is the coldest day of the winter, and tomorrow we are one day closer to Airstreaming! Your interior is looking good!

utee94 said...

I really don't understand the temperatures you are talking about. I had no idea the Farenheit scale even went into the negatives.

Y'all stay warm up there, and keep up the good work!