Thursday, November 20, 2008

snow storm

the forecast called for snow today
and I'll be doggone if they weren't right for once

front end with carpet and tile removed
some floor rot up by water intake
and over by curbside window

back of trailer with wheel wells exposed

rear crossmember showing bad rust-through

All in all, progress is slow and steady just like by bass playing which this weekend will take me to LaCrosse, Wisconsin for a couple of nights. The place we are playing at (Piggy's) has jumbo shrimp wrapped in jalepeno bacon by the plateful. Mmm...


ce's geekbook said...

Great project marking as a follow to see your progress.

too cool

Andre said...

Been thinking about a trailer,now i can watch your restoration process,Good luck!

alumanutz said...

Snow Storm
The more you drink, the warmer you get!