Sunday, July 1, 2012

here's a youtube of the shell coming off...


Summer is going by way too fast.  I hate to say it but music is kinda impeding my progress on the Safari.

I am making money doing something I love, though, so don't feel bad for me!

Plywood will be purchased next week so the new subfloor can be cut, work on frame can begin and most of you know what else from there.

Peace to all y'all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back on it!

My '66 is back to being worked on. I must have gone out for a pack of smokes or something but I'm back, baby! I've decided to do a shell-off instead of a shell-on. Many people that I trust have suggested that it is much easier to just do the full monty. The shots above are where I'm at.
1) Gantry built and put thru the "can it hold a fat bass player?" test.
2) Safari backed into gantry ready to have perimeter rivets drilled out.
Peace y'all!

Friday, August 6, 2010


DeCook Excavating returned to put class 5 (road spec gravel) inside the barn and also where we will put concrete in front and on side under covered area. These guys really know how to spread it around. They also did the final grading work around the outside to make it ready for seeding.

inside with class 5 level and up to the batter boards

Bessie and Clara at home and not fearing hail!
There's room for two but eventually the barn will just be home to one
leaving plenty of room for work and play.
Worked on Bessie interior woodwork with a solution of equal parts vinegar, turpentine, and linseed oil. It's a recipe passed down from my wife Julie's father Mark. He was big into antiques and his formula left the wood looking much better. (sorry, no photo)
gratuitous butt shot
It's not a barn until the cupola sings.
We went with a Labrador on top.
Looked thru the book for an Airstream, but they didn't have one...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it's a barn!

(I have finally picked a name for her...BESSIE
...named after the legendary Bessie Smith, one of my all time favs)
DeCook Excavating scheduled to come back and do the inside class 5 gravel work
along with the exterior dirt work to make it look all purdy.
Concrete work will be next year after all has settled and bank account recovers.
The area I intend to host a MN TAC bash in and around.
I'm thinking about 10 trailers would fit nicely.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

going up ^

the pad with neighbor Dorothy's shed and house in the background
the footings being poured
away we go!
supervisor Jake
'64 keeping an eye (tail light) on the action
TradeWind's new budget futon on top of new carpet.
(I know Colin hates these, but it beats sitting on the floor)
I found Art Costello's autograph inside the utility closet. Kinda cool!
Rained hard this morning.
Supervisor Chris says they work through the rain....we'll see....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Safari has a cute older sister!

The '64 Airstream TradeWind home in Rochester, Mn after having a stone cold gas at Baker's Acres with all of the great Bash attendees. Towed 1100 miles with only having to put front of bellypan back on and replacing the alternator in my Tahoe. Towed through heavy winds that blew a semi off the road and through a guard rail. The Airstream cut right through the wind with ease...
inside the TradeWind, beauty, eh?
Josie, my little helper. She has already claimed the Airstream TradeWind for her own after I'm done on this Earth. It's all yours, baby.
The trailers are getting a new home. A 24'x40' Northland Building.
Barn red with a silver roof and white trim. This is a shot of DeCook Excavating at work building the pad that the barn will sit upon. Construction begins July 19th. Updates to follow.

Another shot with the "new" trailer in the foreground. She's photogenic and she knows it!

pot of aluminum at the end of the rainbow

I received a number of comments at the BASH about the spare tire holder and its ties to religion.
To me, it looks like the spare tire holder that Black Sabbath would have had on their Airstream. Heavy metal and religion all encompassed in one sweet package. Rock on!

Note the original equipment window openers.
Many people aren't aware that sticks were factory options back in '64.
My almost yearly blog looks as if it could return to a semi-regular post so stay tuned as I see adventure around every corner for the rest of the Summer.
Peace and Joy to you and yours,
Dancin' Hansen

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Frankly speaking

It's been a long time since I blogged (as I was reminded by Frank) and the reasons are two-fold. One, I haven't done any work on the Safari as I've been saving money to head east to the Birthday Bash and pick up my '64 Tradewind that I won in the raffle. (Still can't believe that.) The money has become tight because of reason number two: the rebuilding of our lake cabin that was totalled in a fire last Fall. I wish I had some before pictures to show you but the after photos will have to suffice. It turned out great but as most building projects go, it went over budget and the Airstream funds went into the cabin kitty.

This is a shot from the loft. The old cabin didn't have this feature. The kids absolutely love this space for playing board games and generally hanging out. The big kids love it too!

Just a shot of the driveway and the back of the cabin.

The deck is still waiting for railing but we had to celebrate my mom and dad's 62nd wedding anniversary and what a great day we had for it. Low 80's, nice breeze and great family get-together. Most of the kids are still up in the loft. Not pictured in the foreground are the big kids playing some very competitive bean bag toss.

That's all for now. I've got two weeks until I load everything I own into my Tahoe and head to New York state to meet up with a big group of new friends. Looking forward to breakfast by Frank, canoeing, fireworks, and God knows what else.